Schedule training and workshops with LeapFrog Systems to quickly create a Product Backlog and Product Roadmap to LEAP your team forward and immediately reap the benefits of Agile delivery.

LeapFrog Systems in action leading an Agile transformation workshop

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  • Workshop Catalog
  • LeapAgile Assesment
  • Start small - evaluate a product, project, or technology decision
  • Product Owner
  • Launch a "Business Agile" transformation with your Product Owners
  • LeapTraining
  • Bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and reality with training that launches your Agile transformation (and produces actual stories and backlogs for your teams)
  • LeapAgile Launch
  • Produce a Groomed Backlog, MVP1, and Sprint Planning to launch your teams forward into Sprint 1 execution with LEAP
  • Design Thinking
  • Engage your business partners and customers to create... the Right Thing. Right Now.
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  • Product Roadmaps
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  • Retail Site Product Roadmap.pdf
  • View this file to see the Product Roadmap results of a LEAP Workshop for a Retail Website
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  • Workshop Backlog Example
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  • Scrum-Ban Board for Production Support
  • During 'Accept & Deliver,' example of a template used to transition and manage the project or product support work with a board designed for Scrum and Kanban (Scrum-Ban). Efficiently schedule only the ceremonies the team requires from Scrum with our Kanban Trello or JIRA / Confluence board templates to manage production support.
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  • Transform the backlog into a Sprint Story Board
  • Example of the LEAP Trello Agile Scrum story board template used during 'Execute' to transform the LeapWorkshop backlog into a full sprint story board. A complete Scrum project is also available as a reference for you within LeapAgile JIRA / Confluence.
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  • Workshop Product Backlog
  • Example of a Trello Product Backlog created by a LEAP Workshop during 'Launch' for a new project or product. Backlog templates are also available to you within LeapAgile JIRA / Confluence.